Arguments and configuration
Argument Value
version None
verbosity 3
ask_pass False
private_key_file None
remote_user None
connection smart
timeout 10
force_handlers False
flush_cache False
become False
become_method sudo
become_user None
become_ask_pass False
tags ['all']
skip_tags []
check False
syntax False
diff False
inventory ['/etc/ansible/hosts']
listhosts False
subset None
extra_vars Not saved by ARA as configured by 'ignored_arguments'
vault_ids []
ask_vault_pass False
vault_password_files []
forks 5
module_path None
listtasks False
listtags False
step False
start_at_task None
args ['/home/zuul/.ara-tests/git/ara/tests/integration/failed.yaml']
Records No records have been saved with ara_record for this playbook.
Host Changed Failed Ok Skipped Unreachable
localhost 0 1 1 0 0
Task results
Task Action Status Changed Host Path Handler Started Duration
Gathering Facts gather_facts ok False localhost /home/zuul/.ara-tests/git/a...:19 False 2019-07-26T15:22:35.749311Z 2.227839
fail fail failed False localhost /home/zuul/.ara-tests/git/a...:22 False 2019-07-26T15:22:38.099293Z 0.088164